Living in Kisumu

Living expenses in Kisumu are much lower than what you are likely used to at home. You can prepare delicious and filling meals for yourself with less than $4USD/day. The following is a list of common items and what they cost in Kenyan shillings (100KSH = $1USD):owalla


Tomatoes (nye nye): 3 for 20KSH
Onions (kitungu): 10KSH each
Cilantro (dania): 1 bunch for 10KSH
Green peppers (pili pili hoho):
Eggplant: 10KSH each
Irish potatoes:
Sweet potatoes:
Kale (sukuma): 1 bag (enough to feed 2-4 people) for 20KSH
Cabbage (cabbucci): 1 bag (enough to feed 3-5 people) for 20KSH
Indigenous green vegetables (mboga kinyeji):
Egg (mayai)s: 10KSH each
Large mangoes (myembe kubwa): 35KSH each (may vary with size)
Small mangoes (myembe ndogo):
Oranges (muchungwa):
Pineapple (nanusi):
Rice (mchelle) (2kg bag):
All-purpose flour (unga ya chapatti) (2kg bag):
Cooking oil (mafuta) (2L jug):


Matatu from home to town: 30KSH
Matatu from home to OLPS: 10KSH
Motorbike from home to OLPS: 50KSH
Motorbike within town (pretty much from any point A to point B): 50KSH
Tuktuk from town home: 200KSH
From OLPS to farm: Matatu (20KSH) + Motorbike (50KSH)


3GB internet bundle: 1,000KSH
7.5GB internet bundle: 2,000KSH
200 texts/day bundle: 10KSH daily
Airtime: prepaid